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Are you one of those people who don’t pull the blinds? draw the curtains? perhaps the tacked up Star Wars bed sheet fell off the window….well….expect me to look. Its like “People TV”. That brightly lit square in the dark night…so tempting.  So I look, and mostly I see folks at their dinner table, sitting in front of a giant tv watching Honey BooBoo. I once saw a guy with a girls head in his lap.  Once…a naked man with a gorilla mask chasing a screaming woman.

Before moving up to the middle of nowhere, I lived on a lake.  There were lots of houses right on the shore, these were mostly vacation homes where the subtly rich parked their spoiled behinds on summer weekends. Well, on the side that faces the lake, no one believed in window furnishings. A crazy person such as myself could troll along in a small boat and see…well, everything.  Now these houses, with these vacationing upper middle class were total peep shows.  They all surely had more sex than me! Once we even saw an orgy. An so now I come to the WE part.  I did not come into this questionable habit all by myself.  A couple that my husband and I were friends with had a small pontoon boat.  We frequently found ourselves coming in from an early evening of bass wrangling and beer swigging in the growing darkness.  One night it was very dark and I commented on the brightly lit homes on the shore.  This is when they put the motor on “troll” ( I guess both literally AND figuratively, haha).  “Oh Shannon, you gotta see this!” said my friend.  So, slowly trolling past the shore with our lights out, the shows began.  My friends informed me that this was a favorite past time of theirs.  Passing the houses in the dark, no one knowing your there….was thrilling! and my, people do freaky things when they don’t know I’m looking.  Sometimes I miss the Star-bellied Sneetch show, and I always close my curtains at night.