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I received this book through Librarything, free of charge in exchange for an
honest review. Which is tough, because I really don’t like writing bad reviews.
However, I also don’t like to sugar coat things and this book was not good. I
wonder if the publisher actually read this book or if an editor even went over
it. There are just so many inconsistencies and holes in the story and the ending
is juvenile and unimaginative. The story starts off with the main character,
Aleksei,(who can do anything and knows everything), saved from a collapsed
building by 15 year old Mitch and his little brother, Jamie. These three decide
to group together and get out of the city, stopping to get survival supplies
from a Walmart on the way. There is really no attempt to find adults, or
parents/caregivers. The little brother doesn’t cry for mommy and I don’t know
why they would decide right away that they need survival supplies. Wouldn’t
anyone else try to go home?, find someone in charge? not these kids. Next they
pick up Krisztina, in a Jeep that they just took from a dealership. Next, at a
semi-collapsed Walmart, they rescue six year old Ally and her baby brother JJ.
So then I wonder why would these kids just go off with some strange teens
instead of looking for whoever they were at the Walmart with? Clearly this
little girl was not taught about “stranger danger”. But anyway, the teens just
go with it and get some diapers, food and tents and head for the woods. At this
point, I am annoyed. What was the author thinking? How come none of these kids
are crying, wanting Mommy, or freaking out? AND why would they just head for the
woods and decide to get all Swiss Family Robinson-like and make a home out in
nature. At one point, they even raid a gift shop that is close by, but still
make a home in a cave, instead of the building… UGH. They also notice that the aliens are dumping orange powder all over the city which dissolves the buildings. Somehow, the kids just KNOW this is how the aliens are using our planet for fuel. Well, they plant
gardens, make a compost toilet, no one has sex or dies, and they generally thrive without adults in their woodland paradise. Then one day, just as they are deciding that they are going to try to escape the invisible barrier that surrounds them, the aliens start talking to them. And the aliens look like Greek gods. I really don’t know how much more I can take at this point, but I finished the book anyway.  Because I AM a trooper! I don’t want to ruin the absolutely ridiculous ending for you if you decide to read this book anyway, so I wont pick that apart. And good for
you if you do read it, not every book is going to please everybody, and perhaps
you will enjoy this one. In fact, I hope you think to yourself “screw you Shannon, I am going to read this anyway”….please let me know what you thought of the book then…