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I will start by saying that I was interested in reading this book firstly because I adore zombie fiction, secondly, I love to read a book that has a handful of one star, absolutely scathing, reviews to balance out the five-star love.  What would drive a person to take the time out of their day to totally annihilate an authors work by declaring him an anti-liberal, Obama-hating, snob.  I was intrigued and so I read.

The story is about Scott Allen, a lottery winner that spent some of  his money on a mega-yacht that he outfitted with all sorts of neat toys.  He is on the last leg of an around-the-world trip when a virus is let loose apon the world.  Scott’s ship, the Sovereign Spirit, is running up the coast of California, where they have some interesting interactions with military personnel, and eventually utilize their “toys” to rescue survivors and guide a flotilla of boats in seeking safety.  Yes, this guy is rich…he won the lottery.  His yacht is just returning from a year long expedition, so we can assume that the boat has food, the medical capabilities of taking care of any of his passengers in remote locations in the event of emergency.  He has a wide assortment of toys, none of which did I find particularly strange if you have spent any time either watching prepper shows or shows about regular people who win mega lotteries and the crazy things they do with their money.  This was totally different take on zompoc, instead of a character struggling to survive and spending all their time running from the zombies, these guys actually thrive and have the capabilities to help others.  Not a common theme.  And lets face it, its getting a lot harder to come up with a zombie story that hasn’t been written to death. The only thing that really changes anymore is the names and places.

There was, what I would call an aside in the book where a character called Carl, really does struggle to survive and faces some serious obstacles which he overcomes in interesting ways.  I really enjoyed the parts with Carl and I think the authors talent really shines during his Interludes in Hell. I would love a whole book dedicated to this character and his adventures.

Next, yes, this book was missing a strong female character.  There were not many women in this book, period.  The few that were, well, they were simply disappointing.  But again, I did not take that personally because quite frankly, I know a lot of women that would be EXACTLY disappointing, if put in a survival situation.  Go ahead and call me names….its true.  Tell me you don’t know women who would simply fall to pieces without their makeup bag or designer shoes.

Finally, a common complaint among the angry reviewers were the political views they felt were expressed in this book.   I guess they feel that a book should be written with only Democrat or Liberal-type characters and everyone should be supporting their fictional president in the fictional story and never should they express any dismay with the current state of affairs in their fictional world.  I am a Democrat.  I happily voted for our current president and when I read a fiction book,  I remember that it is actually a story..about people….who are not me…and may have different views as me….and hey…I am ok with that!