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ian woodheadKingdoms of the Dead, Chemical Rot, is the latest offering from British horror writer, Ian Woodhead.  Although Ian has several zombie tales out there, this one is very different.  He has created a massive world, or worlds, if you will…that are completely mind boggling.  At times while reading this book, I felt like a map or legend might be helpful to keep track of precisely where the story was taking place.  However, that may also be some of the stories appeal.  There are several, what I would consider “main” characters, my favorite is Kenny. He is a young guy trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.  His city is walled off from the hordes of zombies that occupy the rest of the country.  Kenny needs to take a drug that supposed to stop him from turning into a zombie.  In fact, the whole of the surviving population needs these drugs.  Of course the rich, privileged get the purest form leaving the lower and mid class with varying mixtures of the drug, leaving some in a state that reminded me of heroin junkies.  Kenny gets himself into trouble while attempting to score more of the drug and has to escape and remain on the run with his sister in tow.  Then there is Rossini, who is like a game show host, only the game show is one that pits the contestants against the zombies.  And Tony, who is a medical officer for the city, who finds other dimensions via a device that is sort of like a virtual reality game.  Everything comes together in the story to create an explosion of frightening action with mind-blowing revelations.  This is one that would appeal to sci-fi fans as well as zompoc readers.  It was a perfect melding of the genres.  The ending leaves me the impression that book two will be even more exciting.