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Here is the review I posted on Amazon. I would of written something far more interesting here, but alas the teenage boy-child must be driven an hour each way to summer school everyday and so my free time has become extinct. So here it is..

Sometimes I find it difficult to review a book in a series without spoiling the ones that came before it. But I am going to give it my best shot this time because if you have NOT read the previous books in this series, “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse”, starting with “ Trudge”, you should. Stop what you’re doing here and just start with book one. Otherwise you are missing out on some great adventures some truly memorable characters. Hopefully you have read the previous books and are ready for this one, seventh in the series.
Only eighteen days in from the outbreak of the Omega virus that caused the dead to walk again, Cade, his family, and some familiar tagalongs once again find themselves at an impromptu military base. Feeling anxious behind razor wire again, the group heads out to link up with old friends and try to find a secure place to call home, if only for a while. Cade is a civilian now and has to rely on himself and his family group for survival against the dead, instead of battle-hardened soldiers. This makes for those exciting, heart-stopping moments which this author has now become known for throughout this series. Yet another fast-paced, adrenaline-soaked ride through your worst nightmares. Add a dash of levity here and there, a much needed chuckle after a spine tingling moment and you have a very real bunch of characters that you just wish you could crack a beer with. As with all the previous books, this one creates a ‘movie in your head’ that does not disappoint, except to wish it would not end! Stay Frosty, friends and watch your six, the zombies seem a tiny bit smarter this time…..