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Well, summer home with the kids has sucked the life out of me and I haven’t gotten through too many books. I finally finished the Song of Ice and Fire series from George R.R. Martin. That was a lot of story. The last book ends with a dozen or so cliffhangers that are so tension filled and emotionally gripping that I felt quite exhausted and sad when I turned the last page. I also felt, ANGRY. Mr. Martin is a brutal, no holds barred, storyteller. I wanted things to be different! Why did you kill that guy! or bestow such horrific burden on that woman! Who could direct a child’s life in such a grievous direction? I read these books on my Nook because I had started on the paperback copies that were eschewed by my lazy teenage son, and I found myself nearly destroying the book as I gripped it so tight and wrung the poor thing to tatters. So I switched to my sturdier Nook HD+. Much better. These books are no light-hearted fun, no your romantic “beach read”. No, they sort of mirror real life with the unfairness, the outrageousness, the outright callous nature of some of the characters. But the setting of the castles and the giant ice wall remove you far enough from the real world that its still a spectacular fantasy. Read them if you dare, but be warned that they will suck you in like a vicious drug and not let go until the last page. I need book six now please Mr. Martin!

I could of read the whole story and enjoyed it just the same without the Ironborn. Anyone actually enjoy them?