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So as soon as I finished the last Song of Ice and Fire book, I had another book I promised an author friend I would read. Following on the heels of the epic George R.R. Martin is not an easy thing, yet I was pleasantly surprised. At first I saw a lot of similarities between the books and I started to pre-judge in a bad way. But I kept going because the story line really did grab me and I had to know what was up with this Khale dude. It didnt take long to realize it isn’t a rip-off or copycat as I feared originally.The story sucked me in and I once again lost an entire day in a book. So here is my official Amazon review, and Greg better send me a copy of book 2 as soon as he is done or I will FB stalk him into complacency. haha. I’m totally capable of it too!!

This is a novel similar to the Game of Thrones series although certainly not a rip-off or copycat. There’s Kings and princesses and tough guys and castles. But this story is much darker and never goes precisely where you think it will. This story starts out with intrigue and grabs you right from the start. Khale is a warrior with a dark and mysterious past, set about on a mission to deliver a kings daughter to a cursed city. Nothing is as it seems and although I found myself rooting for certain characters, this changed as the story progressed and I learned more about them. Every time I thought I knew the outcome of a certain event, I was surprised and it really made for a quick read because I was always in suspense and couldn’t put it down. The story ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and I will be excited to see what happens next.