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So, this one was sitting in my Nook for awhile.  I had bought it on sale one day for my Nook and then it got buried under my enormous TBR pile.  I LOVED it.  Firstly…looking at the cover…I thought it was going to be in-your-face military dudes shooting up the deaders.  So totally wrong.  The main character Eric, has a fat inheritance and some property to sell.  While selling his old cabin, he meets Gabriel, who is one tough, intricate dude and they become fast friends.  One day some crazy things start happening on the news and Gabriel lets Eric in on a little secret….those be zombies!  So the story takes us on Eric’s adventure to make it to Gabriel’s cabin in woods.  There’s scary moments, touching scenes,  and non-stop adrenaline rushes.  The books ends on a satisfactory note if not a perfectly happy ending, but lo and behold peeps, there are more! Right now there are five total in the series.  I am psyched! Find  James on Facebook, and he has a blog that just blows my mind. I am in awe of this guy.