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My personal zombie addiction began around 1988 when my boyfriend at the time, Chris Alo, introduced me to Night of the Living Dead.  It was the original and at first I didn’t want to watch.  I realize zombies ask for some serious “suspension of disbelief” and although at the time I was a big Stephen King fan, I kinda dug my heels in when it came to zombies.  Until I watched that movie.  It sparked a love affair with zombie and post-apocalyptic fiction that has only grown over the years.

With Indie authors introducing themselves and their works via Facebook and other social media, and Amazon making it easy to self-publish, this genre has quite literally exploded.  The great books get pushed to the top of the heap and if you hang around any sites like Librarything.com or goodreads.com, it becomes easy to find your favorites.  Then you find Facebook groups that cater to your addiction; like https://www.facebook.com/groups/AllThingsZombie/. I am a member of that one and its a lot of fun.  Whole threads dedicated to each subject like video games, books, and movies.  There are also contests with very cool prizes.  Recently they took short story submissions to be included in a book that will be published through their own in-house publishing company.  Yours truly was one of the chosen and my story is featured among a plethora of fabulous authors such as Eric Shelman of the Dead Hunger series.  When its released I will surely drive you all nuts with pleas to buy one.  Here’s a little taste…


Zombie lovers UNITE…right here!


it really is where all the cool kids hang out….join us!