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There’s this friend of mine, Dave, who recently commented that Facebook is only good for looking at cute kitten pictures.  A lot of people chimed in to agree with him.  I was tempted myself, because bashing Facebook and the Zuckerberg empire has become so trendy, until I realized that if that were true, I would not even be seeing Dave’s post.  Because I have never met Dave.  He is a friend of my husbands, but because of the nature of Facebook, we have gotten to know each other pretty well and I now consider him my friend.

So,  I’m not concerned that I have never met Dave, his reality has been confirmed via my husband and other mutual friends.  That’s something that is always going to be a concern in the age of anonymity, are you really who you say your are?  I have my own personal vetting process that includes some pretty creepy things like scrolling though your posts, your pictures, your likes.  If things look off, for instance there is zero personal pictures or family members in your friends list, then I will ask for a selfie.  On the spot.  No time to search the net for someone else’s picture to steal and pass off as yourself.  I wish there weren’t people like that out there at all, but alas that’s not the case.  I recently had my own interaction with a faker.  In fact, she had at least two other profiles.  One of which was a hot, dippy blond that all the boys just loved! So you do need to do that tiny bit of checking before accepting that friend request if you want to have a positive Facebook experience.

For someone like me that lives, hell, in the middle of nowhere, Facebook has become an integral place for me to go to feed my need as a social animal.  My other, current, real life choices would be one of those knitting/sewing circle things ( I don’t think my Atari thumb or high-strung nature would like that), or the weekly meeting of the Seniors club.  I will pass.  Facebook gives me what I need.  Chit-chat, casual conversation, political debate, and the occasional private message to “what’s up” without an audience, all from the comfort of my couch, sans makeup and supportive undergarments!

Once apon a time I had my profile on Myspace. I didn’t  even know that website still existed….so I checked and yes, its still there, in all its narcissistic glory.  When I used to sign in there, I always felt vaguely embarrassed by the almost obscene hedonistic nature.  Like the Vegas strip of the internet. I want to talk to people, reconnect with old friends, but not with a pink, sparkly animated background page and prominently displayed lists of all the things I love and hate. No, if you want to know those things about me, you can either read my posts or click on my profile. Facebook makes you work a little harder to get to know someone than myspace.

My most recent discovery on Facebook would be the groups.  I have joined a few, mostly book related, and its hit or miss.  There’s so many, you can find the right fit if you just take a bit of time to look through it.  I like separate threads for books, news, contests and the like.  I want to know I can participate in  a discussion without being inundated by authors crop-dusting their book blurbs. I like book blurbs…but in their right place.  I have found a great bunch of people, fellow zombie addicts and book junkies right here https://www.facebook.com/groups/AllThingsZombie/, check them out or find your own group to hang with.

..and so ends my rant, I will climb down off this collapsing soapbox, but Dave, next time you post a cute kitty picture, consider who it is that is liking your picture and commenting on it. You wouldn’t know I existed if not for this silly thing called Facebook and we would of missed out on so many jokes and laughs.  I wouldn’t trade that for all the kitten pictures in the world wide web.