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dead hunger

According to Amazon, I purchased this wayyy back in August.  Yes, my To Be Read list is that huge.  I am a fast reader and still, it took that long to reach this one.  I want to add that prior to even reading this book, I was enamored with this author.  I saw his name popping up on mutual friends Facebook posts and Goodreads lists, and of course with any author that’s new to me…I stalked him a little.  Because really, it’s a lot more enjoyable to read a book by someone who is not a dick. I have met authors that were not very friendly and it can ruin a good read.   But, he checked out; nice guy, funny as hell, tons of reviews-mostly good…I even friended him and participated in his contests on Facebook before I even read page one of this book.  Yeah, he really is that cool.  My first impressions of the book were not totally awesome though, I will admit.  The main character is Flex Sheridan, along with his girl Gem, later joined by a scientist named Hemp.  Sounded like the start of some bad 70’s porn. But I would not be dissuaded by my often-proved-wrong pre-judgment.  So I read…and I was hooked.  Yes, Flex has a porn-stars name…it really stops being weird by page five.  Because the character is so well-fleshed and such a cool dude that you want to be his friend.  He steps right in to the zombie apocalypse in situ when he runs to rescue his sister who is exhibiting strange behavior.  I was fully engulfed in the story, movie playing in my head as I read along and when Gem joined the show, well, I liked her too.  She is just the right mix of ass-kicker and girl….bravo to you for that rare, perfect mix Shelman.  The two along with Flex’s niece Trina,  move out into the zombified world; looking for survivors and eventually finding Hemp, the gorgeous, brainiac scientist, and Charlie, deadly with a crossbow way before Daryl was cool, and she’s a girl making her character even cooler.  The situations feel real, the suspense is nail-biting and the emotion is gut-wrenching.  Eric Shelman writes like he’s taken the TARDIS tardis to another dimension and actually experienced it all. Its THAT good.  Read it.  Then read everything else he wrote. Now.

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