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book cover Look at that! Looks interesting, right? You totally WANT to read that. Entertainment for less than a cup of joe at Starbucks!…go on..buy it, I will wait here.  In fact…here’s the link to make it that much easier


So why am puffed like a peacock over this book?  Because I am in it!! I am one of 33 stories in this collection.  My little story all cozied up with some truly great published authors like Eric Shelman, Chris Philbrook, and Jack Wallen. Thirty-three stories of struggle, survival, family, love, fear, guts….you get it, there’s something for everyone here.  Even if zombies aren’t your typical fare.  Because the human condition is the true story, and its riveting and amazing.  I found myself running through a gamut of emotion while reading the other stories; fear, joy, love, anxiety, disgust…its all in there.  I am admittedly not usually a great reader of short stories but I have a new love and appreciation for them.  The advantage is getting a great reading experience in a short amount of time…I am not going to tell you to keep it in the bathroom but …you know….ok…I will stop there! haha!

Once you read the book will you please, please, please leave a review on Amazon? and then leave a copy of your review here so I can read it and share it!

One more bit of awesomeness, there will be a virtual release party for the book on Sunday, November 16th… be there or be square! no? OK….there will be giveaways and fun so join us please! Here is the link for that. Click it NOW!


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