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Pucker up peeps!! Its time for the first gift of Christmas coming from Ol’ Santa himself…or wait, no, its coming from Shelman…close enough, right?

Fans of the Dead Hunger series have been patiently waiting for the next installment, and while its not ready yet, I do have in my hot and sweaty little hands, a TEASER!! a snippet of pure literary magic, (although somewhat “redacted” for spoilerless reading), a nugget of joy to get you even more in the holiday mood.

PLEASE NOTE: although there is no real spoiler in here that would ruin your enjoyment of the series, should you be one of the unfortunate that hasn’t read it yet, there is some hints in here that the hyper-sensitive reader may get a case of the cranks over.  If you are one of those, skip this, go …wrap a present or give out blankets to the homeless…..shooo!!

NOW!! cue this puppy up for some background mood music..  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF9pjQMHZFA

and click Dead Hunger VIII_Peace Love and Zombies Prologue for your present



for more info on the author: http://www.ericshelman.com/

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