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Today we are celebrating the release of one of my favorite authors newest book! Eric A. Shelman has released part 8 of the Dead Hunger series. Normally I would be all, YAYYY except, I was late to this Shelman love-fest and I am only on book three. SOOO I was not ALLOWED to skip ahead and read this new book. Not ALLOWED! I was told I must read them in order.  Well…pfft. Fine, I enlisted my pal from across the pond, Giles Batchelor, who has read the series and the new book, to do a GUEST POST!!!

THIS is Giles, holding another stellar book, one that both he and Eric are part of All Things Zombie:The Gathering Horde!


The only thing Giles FAILED to mention in his spectacular guest post, and I must say that I will not reveal my sources for this info because I don’t wanna end up beaten and bloody behind the library…is some very cool CAMEOS!! As you read the book you will find some familiar names! For instance Giles! and our great friend Lana! Also a name that everybody knows, Jeff Clare, has a MEGA cameo!!

SO without further ado, or a-don’t, haha? No? fine…heeeeere’s Giles!!!

Hey everyone, how you all doing?  Wait I hear you ask, that ain’t Blondie with her funny, giggly humour and the confetti blasts, plus you’ve spelt humour wrong???  Let me colour it in a little bit; I’m guest posting from over the pond because… well to put it bluntly Blondie sucks, well kinda and sometimes.  I love her posts really, but she’s just ill equipped to talk you through the topic this week. (does she post weekly?) See the thing is, that our book loving Blondie, isn’t currently allowed to read the book we’re discussing this week – she’s not far enough through the series and everybody knows YOU CAN’T SKIP FORWARDS.  Well perhaps you can in some series –  you wouldn’t have missed much if you skipped over say the 1st Harry Potter, or the first Twilight book.  But we’re not talking about the annoying boy wizard, or those damned sparkly vampires, we’re talking about Zombies… yeah that’s right ZOMBIES!  Come on everyone shout with me; We Love Zombies!!  did you all join in??  no, so it’s only me that looks like a fool shouting that out while writing in the pub.

Zombies, you heard me!  This week we are talking about Zombies, in particular the Zombies in Eric A. Shelman’s latest release Dead Hunger VIII: Peace Love and Zombies.  Actually we’re not just going to talk about the Zombies in the book, we’re going to talk about the whole book and try really hard not to give away any spoilers… probably quite difficult.. perhaps I should quit now

Buy the book!

Naa can’t just stop there can I?  No! I’m not just gonna stop there, but you should buy the book, if you haven’t read the first 7 installments you should probably buy them too.

This much-awaited sequel takes us back to the start of the Apocalypse by looking at it through the eyes of stoner hippie, Nelson Moore.  When the shit hits the fan he’s living in the trees of central park minding his own business and getting stoned.  This tale tells how he survived the end of the world – as he knew it – in one of the largest, most populous cities on the planet.  Thrown in is how he managed to meet up with Flex, Gem, Hemp and Charlie; the main characters from books 1 to 3 (and beyond) to forge a friendship that would see them taking on the challenge of securing an entire town against the hordes of undead.

The humour you have come to expect from genre master Eric A. Shelman is here by the bucket load. Mix in some of the darkest, most gruesome horror in the mainstream market and it makes this a must-read.  Like I said earlier, you need to read the other seven books first, and I strongly recommend you do.  In fact I pretty much demand it.  Blondie knows she is in my bad books for only being at book 4, apparently she has other commitments – but I’m unsure how life and children could take priority over this series.

I’m gonna sign off for now, maybe Blondie will let me come back and post again some time (hopefully she won’t notice that stain on the carpet I left).  In the mean time; Take care people, don’t let the zombies bite and don’t forget there will always be time for a proper cup of tea in the apocalypse.

P.S.  Don’t forget to buy the book, read the book (love the book) and leave a review to support the indie author community.

GREAT JOB Giles!! and I will bill you for the stain.


Here is the Amazon link for Dead Hunger 8 http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Hunger-VIII-Peace-Zombies-ebook/dp/B00T0UDE86/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1423175409&sr=8-6&keywords=Dead+Hunger

This is Eric’s  Amazon author page http://www.amazon.com/Eric-A.-Shelman/e/B001K91I2Y/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Eric’s webpage http://www.amazon.com/Eric-A.-Shelman/e/B001K91I2Y/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

The coolest place on the web, and Eric’s favorite place to hang out https://www.facebook.com/groups/AllThingsZombie/

the link for the book our buddy Giles is holding so lovingly http://www.amazon.com/All-Things-Zombie-Gathering-Horde-ebook/dp/B00PD6M7ZW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418775419&sr=8-1&keywords=ATZ+the+gathering+horde