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You know I read a TON.  Luckily, most of what I read, I end up loving.  Sometimes there’s a dud and sometimes one stands out from the rest like a gleaming beacon of literary neon.  Here’s a little bloggity-blog about Nothing…dark glitter

On the island continent of Australia, twins Justin and Robert Dunne spent the last ten years creating stories together.  Sometimes it was a break from real life, i.e. stress-relief; sometimes it was just for fun.  Sometimes it was a way to get a feeling from the past down on paper for posterity.  Some of their stories attracted each other like ferrous metal to a magnet…and so began the creation of the Nothing Man.

Originally the stories were posted on Tales of the Zombie War, a website that allows fan-fiction, short-stories and continuing tales for the newb writer.  This is where I got my first glimpse of The Nothing Man.  I was intrigued, these guys write prose like an amalgam of Stephen King and Clive Barker.  And I was hooked, I wanted more!! But there was no more!!! and damn it!! Australia is outside my stalking budget.  You just know I searched…I found…on Facebook of course, my prize…The Dunnes!! They were active members on my favorite Facebook group, All Things Zombie.  So I bugged them and hounded them and snagged myself a copy of the unfinished manuscript of Nothing.  It was….something.  It blew me away.  The snippets I had read on the Tales of the Zombie Wars page were mere appetizers.  You are nailed to the spot on page one, prepare yourself accordingly, you will not put it down.


A handful of strangers, separate but joined by their fate of living in a post-apocalyptic, zombie filled world.  Each one pushed to their limits in a fight to survive.  At the end of the proverbial rope, cue the Nothing Man.  Who is he? is he even real?

The characters are so real, you feel like one of them, you experience their joy and loss.  The story pulls you in so deep that I felt my pulse racing and tears track down my cheeks as I turned the pages…riveted.  The Dunne boys have a unique writing style that is so complimentary and seamless that you can’t tell who’s writing.  Gotta admire that.  I’ve been pushing them for more.  There actually is a bit…more.

Both boys have stories in All Things Zombie/The Gathering Horde, a collection of zombie shorts with some really great ones from Chris Philbrook, Eric A. Shelman and Jack Wallen.  Justin has a co-written story with Jeff Clare, founder of All Things Zombie and ATZ Publications, called One Last Game. A gut-wrenching short that proves he is versatile enough to write hand-in-hand with very different styles. Robert also has a short story in the book called The Woes of Albert Cross. You see in Robert’s writing, the unique gift to get you comfortable inside the head of any character, he does it with ease.  That is a  story that easily lends itself to the possibilities of a full-length novel.  The third Dunne story in the book is called Zombies on a Plane. Silly name but not a silly story.  The Dunne’s have this ability to crank up your anxiety level notch by notch until you’re about to lose it, and then let you off with a little giggle of relief at the end and of course the question mark.  What if?


Here is a short by Justin Dunne that I just love.  Please enjoy…


And down below is the link for Tales of the Nothing Man


For the Dunne’s short stories, check out All Things Zombie/The Gathering Horde


This is where all the cool kids hang out…  https://www.facebook.com/groups/AllThingsZombie/

Who is The Nothing Man? read the book, post a comment, lets talk!!